Qt have two main classes to use as button widget, QPushButton and QToolButton. These classes made the job in a very good way but both miss the word wrap feature. If the button width is not enough for show the entire button text the string is cutted out on sides and this is not a good effect. Word wrap feature allow the control to automatically move part of the text in a new line for allow full view.

In case you want to show your text labels a little more "beautiful" to see a little trick is to add shadow to text and create a 3D text like. In the CSS standard set exist a tag called text-shadow able to apply such effect automatically. Unfortunately this feature is not supported by the Qt QSS stylesheet set so we need to found another way.

When I move a Visual Studio project from different PCs (using same version of Visual Studio) sometime it happen to get a very strange error running the executable from Visual Studio (with Qt Plugin installed).

In case you are developing a Qt app for mobile device you'll have the "problem" to manage widgets that need to be scrolled for show data inside. In Desktop system this work is done by using scrollbars or the wheel mouse event but in mobile system you can not use same ways. Instead the touch event is the only way the user have to scroll your widget.

As announced Qt team ported Qt libraries to work on mobile system also but with some limitations. The most "important" limitation (in my opinion) is the choice to not include QWebKit (or QtWebEngine) component into mobile system library set. As replacement of this lack Qt team provide the QtWebView component that is a wrapper around the system native web browser engine.