XML is the most common way to manage any kind of data. A lot of free open code packages for manage XML file are available. Here a short list of the most famous written using C/C++ language.

In case you would to know if a key (any key) is pressed in Windows it exist a very useful function called _kbhit(). Linux doesn't have a similar function but is possible to easily reproduce using a few lines of code. Nothing new since this kind of code is possible to find in many places around, it's just to give my little contribution by providing a ready made function to simply copy and past in your code.

Qt libraries work using the mechanism called signal-slot. Basically this is a optimal way to make an asynchronous communication between objects in any kind of conditions and transmitting any kind of data. However, sometimes, may happen the need to wait for a very short time event (for example wait for the end of a short animation) and could be a little annoying and useless too "break" the flow of the code for manage the asynchronous signal to waiting for. In this case could be better to wait synchronously the signal and using the fantastic Qt is a very easy task as usual.

QTableWidget is a very good control for show and manage data in a table format. It allow to insert inside cells different type of controls like listbox, checkbox and so on. In this post we'll discuss about the use of a checkbox control inside a cell with no text and the centering problem.

Visual Studio is one of the best IDE available with a lot of nice features. One of the most useful is the possibility to customize the color scheme of the editor to allow a quick reading of the various elements of the code. Find the right combination of colors, though, can sometimes be quite long than the following site will can help you. The site is basically an archive of ready made color schemes shared by users and divided by style and language type. In add you can create your own scheme and immediately share it once you are satisfied.