Develop app for mobile systems like Android or iOS require some additional steps compared to standard Desktop systems. One of the most important is to correctly manage the state change of your app. This is critical for avoid the app to consume CPU and battery when is not required.

Develop a Qt application using Visual Studio is possible through the Qt plugin. This plugin manage the basic settings for use Qt libraries inside a VS project. With a limited support is possible to develop QML application but it miss the syntax highlight of QML code and some other features available using Qt Creator.

QML and Qt Quick controls allow a very rapid development also mainly for mobile devices. However mobile devices require some additional code for manage special system buttons. In this post we discuss about how to manage the Android back button using QML.

Google Blogger is the famous blogging service used by a lot of people in the world. Is a good service but is quite basic and is not possible to customize so much by default. However some new features can be "added" by using some javascript code. In this tutorial will explain how to "extract" blog feeds through javascript showing an example of possible use.

QNetworkAccessManager is the Qt component for make network connection. The use of this component is quite easy and you can use for basic operation like download files or web pages. Experimenting the use you'll note it work very well with standard network connection but, especially under Windows, doesn't work with SSL connection (like 'https' for example).