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Android under Subversion and possible compilation problems

If you decided to use Subversion as version control for your Android package is possible you could experiment some strange error during package compilation. These problems could appear only if you are using subversion under Linux and the old version of Tortoise under Windows ("old" mean before 1.7). 

Android init.rc and exec command not working

 Android initialization is managed by the file init.rc (and some other platform specific *.rc files). This file have a special syntax composed by a reduced number of commands that you can read here . One of these command, called "exec", is able, as the name suggest, to execute a single command line during initialization. Based to the help the use of this command is a bit "discouraged" since execution of external command could stop the boot process until the command is finished. However there are situation where such feature is necessary. The problem is that in some Android version this command simply doesn't work...