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Qt Creator: set dependencies between subprojects

In case your project is divided in some subprojects like, the typical case, a main app plus a library you have to be sure, when you make some change into the library, also the main app is automatically recompiled for "integrate" the new changes of the library. This operation can be done by set a dependency between the library and the app.

Qt: Load resources from static or shared library

Usually Qt resource file (.qrc) is embedded inside the main executable file for automatic access without any additional operation. Just compile and you have access to the resources from any point of the code by using the special path prefix required for the resource virtual file system. However, if required, is also possible to load resources from static or shared libraries with a minimal efforts.

QML: Change Android screen orientation programmatically

In case your Android app require to dynamically set screen orientation for some particular interface is possible to directly call the system API allowing to choose one of the two standard orientations LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT.