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Make Input/Output operations from Linux user space

Input/Output operation are made with special x86 instructions. This mean this interface exist only in x86 systems and is not available in ARM platforms. The operation consist in send or receive data to/from special "registry" called port and is frequently used for a lot of common tasks.

Qt: Get click event from button inside QTableWidget cell

QTableWidget is a very flexible control allowing to manage various type of widgets inside each cell. However some widgets like button require an immediate action in consequence of click event. Insert a button inside a table cell is very easy but we need a way to get the click event since there will be a button for each new row in the table.

Qt: Using custom Style Sheet property

Qt Style Sheet is a great way for quickly set the appearance of GUI controls using CSS style properties. There is a large set of Qt Style Sheet properties available for every type of widgets. However, in case you need to use this same way for set a property non available in the standard set, here a small example about how to do it.

Qt: Sidebar Qt Creator style

Very simple tutorial about how to develop a dark sidebar like the Qt Creator tool. This is my solution based to stylesheet but same result can be reached in a lot of other ways. However I think this will get a good result with minimal efforts.