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Access physical memory in MS-DOS

MS-DOS operating system (and the other "clones" like OpenDOS and so on)  is dead for the majority of users so do not make much sense write a post about this argument. However in the companies producing embedded hardware the DOS operating system is still used some time. Obviously not as main operating system but as tool for check if there is some problem on the new hardware board they are working on.

Get time in milliseconds on Windows and Linux

Please note that in this case the time expressed in milliseconds is not a conversion of the system time but is a number of milliseconds elapsed by a specific time in the past different according to operating system used. This value is useful if you want to calculate a timeout based to millisecods unit.

Building static Qt 4.x on Windows with MinGW

Qt is the famous framework for develop applications that can work in Windows, Linux and Mac. Just develop your application using the framework API and recompile for the right OS. Very easy. As additional feature it came with an integrated IDE that can speed up the development work. The only thing that, maybe, can result "annoying" for some some people is the standard libraries binary format distributed with the official release.