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Compile QWebKit component for Android

As announced Qt team ported Qt libraries to work on mobile system also but with some limitations. The most "important" limitation (in my opinion) is the choice to not include QWebKit (or QtWebEngine) component into mobile system library set. As replacement of this lack Qt team provide the QtWebView component that is a wrapper around the system native web browser engine.

Launch an app from Android shell terminal

If you want to launch an Android app from shell command line terminal there is a simply command allow to do that but you have to know some info about the app you want to execute. The command is named am and is basically a command line interface to the system ActivityManager .

Qt Snippet: " Painter not active " error

If you subclass a widget control and try to repaint the content by overriding the paintEvent() method you could experiment, for some specific type of Qt widgets, the error " Painter not active ". This error come up during program execution when try to create the QPainter object for draw the widget content.