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QTableWidget: center a checkbox inside a cell

QTableWidget is a very good control for show and manage data in a table format. It allow to insert inside cells different type of controls like listbox, checkbox and so on. In this post we'll discuss about the use of a checkbox control inside a cell with no text and the centering problem.

Visual Studio color schemes collection

Visual Studio is one of the best IDE available with a lot of nice features. One of the most useful is the possibility to customize the color scheme of the editor to allow a quick reading of the various elements of the code. Find the right combination of colors, though, can sometimes be quite long than the following site will can help you.   

Android 'su' unlocked for get root privileges

Please note, this post is for developer who is building custom Android image and have access to Androud su.c source. If you are an android user and are looking for a way to root your device this post will not help you, sorry.

QListWidget and item edit event

QListWidget control allow, once properly configured, to edit items by, usually, double clicking over it. However if you want be informed when the user finished to edit item value for make your personal check there is no signals dedicated to this type of event. This because the line edit control created on the fly is delegated to another Qt object.