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Qt: Request Android app permissions

Each Android app, based to the "interaction" with system, have to declare what resources need to access through some special info called permissions . Normally these permission are declared inside the AndroidManifest.xml and this was enough. However, from android version 23 (Marshmallow) and above some part of these permissions (classified as more "critical") have to be manually requested to the user who have to accept for authorize the app to use it.

QML: CheckBox and RadioButton with word wrap feature

Standard QML CheckBox and RadioButton controls can be used in a very easy way but, at least until the current date, it have the problem if the text go over the parent control container is not automatically moved to the next line but is simply cutted out. This missing feature is called word wrap .

Linux: Translate virtual to physical addresses in user space

Each memory allocated in a process use a special address system called virtual address. This is a special address used inside the process space. However, sometime, could be necessary to know the real physical address in system memory for different purposes in user space. Here a short snippet showing how to do.