Nabble embeddable forum into Google Sites

I recently needed to insert an embeddable forum from Nabble into a Google Sites page. It seem doesn't work to simply add the HTML Nabble script code into a page then I made a simple gadget allowing to make this operation in a very simple way. Feel free to use if you need it...

The procedure is the same as each other gadgets. Once created the page where the Nabble forum will be stored follow the procedure to insert a new gadget as explained here. Please note that in case of add gadgets from external site you need to select the option Add gadget by URL. Now you have to insert the following URL:

Once pressed OK a new window should show up containing the gadget options to set. In add of the standard options like width (suggested 100 percent) and height there are two custom options, Forum Title and Forum Address. In the "Forum Title" field you can add the title of your forum and in the "Forum Address" field you need to insert your nabble forum URL (something like Close the gadgets options window and now your Nabble forum is embedded in the page.

NOTE: This is the first version of the gadget and is very basic. The Nabble forum continuously resize the height vale based to the vertical length of the forum items list. Currently this behaviour is not supported by the gadget (I'll try to add in the future) than you need to enable the option Include a scrollbar on gadget when necessary into the gadget options panel. This will show a vertical scrollbar when the forum will resize height value over the fixed height value you assigned to the gadget.

NOTE: since original Google Code repository is not working anymore the file has been moved to GitHub and link updated.


  1. Hello, what about embedding it on blogger?!

    Check out what it does on this site:

  2. Hi

    Embed forum on blogger is very easy, I have done same thing in my blogs too. Nabble provide a specific HTML code for forum embedding through settings panel. Simply get this HTML code for your forum, create a new blogger page and put the code into the page using the editor in HTML mode (not text edit mode).


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