Android: Remove system app from adb command line

In case you want to remove from your android a system app is possible to use few commands using adb but remember you need to have a rooted device for get it working

The operation is quite simple and doesn't need so much explanation. At first you have to make a connection with your device using the android SDK tool adb. Official documentation is here. Once connected you have to get root permission by type:

adb root

Next step is to remove the system app. You have to know the package name of the system app you want to remove. In our explanation will use as example the name com.mypackage.mysystemapp. For unistall you just have to type this command:

adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.mypackage.mysystemapp

However this is not enough cause app system folder is still present and have to be manually removed. Since the system app is an a read only partition you have at first switch the partition into read/write mode by type:

adb remount

Than open a shell, go into system folder and remove app folder. Always following our example we call the app folder as MySystemApp:

adb shell
cd /system/app/
rm -r MySystemApp

Once done is necessary to reboot the device  for save the changes by type:

adb reboot

Finished, if everything went well your system app should be disappeared from your device.


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